Turtle Dragon Herb & Tea Co. & Turtle Dragon Health Services was established in 1994 with the goal of bringing to Austin the many benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and culture. Based upon the Oriental principles of balance and harmony, the Turtle Dragon offers medicine, art, Feng Shui , tea and other traditional and modern methods to provide you with alternative and complementary life-care.

Turtle Dragon Health Services is a full service Oriental medical clinic providing consultations in general medicine, acupuncture, herbology and massage. The healthcare staff is available by appointment to provide treatment for a wide variety of chronic and acute disorders. Please visit our Health Services pages for more information on our services and related fees.

Our store stocks over 600 different raw Chinese medicinal herbs and over 300 Chinese patented herbal formulas. We also carry a wide variety of high grade, ultra fresh green, white, black and flowered teas. We also sell Feng Shui supplies, books, meditation supplies, various asian antiquities and curiosities including teaware, incense, jade, bronze, scholar stones, penjing & paintings. We also provide Feng Shui consultations in an integrated classical style.

What is a Turtle Dragon?

The Turtle Dragon is an ancient mythological creature from China. It can be found in sculptural carvings throughout many of the temples and palaces of China. It is one of the nine dragon sons, chosen and prized by the emperors of China as a symbol of power, wisdom and longevity. It combines both the physical and the philosophical attributes of the Dragon and Turtle.
The Dragon is one of China’s most complex and multi-tiered symbols. It is a physical conglomerate of various animals including the scales of a fish, the horns of a deer and the talons of an eagle. It lies in the east representing power and fertility, controlling the spring rains and watery movements of the heavens.

The Turtle or Tortoise, another symbol of China’s ancient past, was said to “conceal the secrets of Heaven and Earth.” It has always been an enigmatic and highly symbolic creature representing longevity and steadfastness. Together they make the Turtle Dragon a remarkable being of strength, agility and balance between heaven and earth.


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